Fresh, healthy meals conveniently delivered to your doorstep.


Wellness is more than just being healthy. It’s a mindset. While we can’t drag you to the gym or force you to meditate, we CAN help your body do its part on your journey towards wellness. After all, you’re only as good as what is on your plate.
Finding time to cook is one thing, but finding the time to create a variety of delicious meals is a whole other task. Leave the creativity to us. Our premium ingredients allow us to create meals to cater to your specific needs. All of our Wellness Plate items are perfectly suited to help you eat better and BE better.
All of our meals are fresh and never frozen. We do our best to promote wholesome nutrition in each and every bite. Not only will you experience great taste, but you will also experience total convenience, with all meals delivered right to your front door.

How It Works

Each week we have a new menu. If you would like to sign up, choose a package, and include any allergies that you may have. We deliver fresh food twice a week, right to your doorstep!